About Us

The challenge

Young people need flourishing civil society and civic space in which they can actively participate and fully utilize their political rights. They need opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes to find their place in society, to be autonomous, to play a role in civil society and the labour market.

However, the last few years have brought a persistent silencing of the voice of youth, limiting their civic space and participation in democratic life. Young people often have fewer opportunities to participate and are underrepresented in decision-making. COVID-19 and the lockdowns it entailed, by fostering isolation, may have also had a negative impact in Youth participation.

The project

The YOULead project aims to empower and support the active involvement and civic participation of youth in public affairs, including non-formal activities, with a special emphasis on youth with fewer opportunities. YOULead aims to provide young people with knowledge and skills allowing them to build their understanding of the social and political issues that affect us all. Through acquired training, young people will develop the capacity to become agents of change. YOULead will encourage them to become architects of their own lives, get interest in their personal development and autonomy, build their resilience and equip them with life skills to cope with a changing world.

How will YOUlead achieve its goals?

Who will be involved?