Inspiring Reads and Must-Watch Films for Youth Civic Engagement

Youth have the power to shape the future. Empowered with knowledge, inspiration, and a desire for positive change, young people can drive civic engagement and transform their communities. To kickstart your journey towards making a difference, we’ve curated a list of thought-provoking books and compelling films that will ignite your passion for civic participation and social change.


  • Moxie” by Jennifer Mathieu – A teenager stands up to sexism in her high school and starts a feminist movement that shakes her whole town.
  • “Resist: 35 Profiles of Ordinary People Who Rose Up Against Tyranny and Injustice” by Veronica Chambers – Resist profiles men and women who resisted tyranny, fought the odds, and stood up to bullies that threatened to harm their communities. Along with their portraits and most memorable quotes, their stories will inspire you to speak out and rise up—every single day.
  • “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer – A true story of a young Malawian boy who used his ingenuity to bring electricity and hope to his village, highlighting the transformative potential of youth-led initiatives.
  • “I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban” by Malala Yousafzai – An inspiring memoir of Malala’s journey as an advocate for girls’ education and her unwavering commitment to activism despite adversity.


  • “The Social Dilemma” (2020) – This eye-opening documentary explores the impact of social media on society, encouraging viewers to critically assess their online behavior and its consequences.
  • “Selma” (2014) – A powerful historical drama depicting the civil rights marches led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma, Alabama, inspiring youth to fight for justice.
  • “Pride” (2014) – Adapted from real events, the film portrays a collective of LGBT activists who came together to raise funds in support of families impacted by the 1984 British miners’ strike, marking the inception of the LGBT Support the Miners campaign.
  • “An Inconvenient Truth” (2006) – Former Vice President Al Gore’s documentary on climate change emphasizes the urgency of environmental activism and the need for young voices in the fight against climate crisis.

Books and films have the extraordinary power to inform, inspire, and ignite action. These recommendations provide a valuable starting point for young people eager to engage in civic activities, advocate for change, and shape a better future. Remember, your voice and actions matter—embrace your role as a catalyst for positive transformation in your community and beyond.

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