The Rights of Young Europeans

The rights of young Europeans are a fundamental aspect of the European Union’s commitment to equality, inclusivity, and social justice. The EU places significant emphasis on safeguarding and promoting these rights. The rights of young Europeans relate to education, youth employment, participation, health and well-being, equality and inclusion and freedom of expression. Each of these will be further explained below:

  1. Related to education, the EU recognises every young European’s right to quality education. Initiatives like Erasmus+ provide opportunities for study exchanges, skill development, and intercultural understanding, ensuring access to high-quality education across member states.
  2. Related to Youth Employment, young Europeans have the right to decent work and fair employment conditions. The EU seeks to reduce youth unemployment through various strategies and funding programmes, creating job opportunities for young people.
  3. Linked to youth participation, the EU encourages active participation of young people in democratic processes. Structured dialogues with youth organisations, youth parliaments, and initiatives like the European Youth Event (EYE) ensure that young voices are heard in shaping policies.
  4. Regarding the health and well-being of young European citizens, young Europeans have the right to access healthcare and support for mental health and well-being. EU programmes promote healthy lifestyles and provide resources for young people to address their physical and mental health needs.
  5. Related to the topics of equality and inclusion, the EU fosters a culture of inclusivity, rejecting discrimination and promoting equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic background. It enforces anti-discrimination laws and supports diversity.
  6. Lastly, related to freedom of expression, young Europeans enjoy freedom of expression and access to information. EU institutions work to protect media freedom and support independent journalism, enabling young people to express their views and access diverse information.

The EU continues to uphold and strengthen these rights to ensure that young Europeans can lead fulfilling lives and contribute to the development of a diverse and inclusive European community. These rights not only empower young individuals but also fortify the foundations of a united, democratic, and progressive Europe.