Welcome to YOULead: Empowering YOUth taking the Lead towards active citizenship | Newsletter #3

Join the Erasmus+ project that aims to empower and support the active involvement and civic participation of youth in public affairs. At YOULead, we’re all about empowering young people, especially those facing more challenges. Our mission? To equip them with the tools they need to make a difference! to make a difference!

Wondering what we’ve been up to?

YOULead Curriculum

Our partners have been hard at work crafting a unique learning experience. The curriculum consists of six mind-expanding modules covering everything from citizen’s rights and democratic values to media literacy and sustainable development. It’s not just for classrooms – our material can be used online too! Available in Greek, German, Italian, Portuguese, and English, it’s accessible to all. The curriculum will be showcased on our website and the e-learning platform we’re building. Plus, we’ve fine-tuned the content based on valuable feedback from stakeholders.

YOULead Guide – Toolkit for Civic Engagement

Calling all youth workers and educators! Our toolkit is jam-packed with innovative exercises and supplementary content, designed to take your democratic education game to the next level. From critical thinking and public speaking to project management and conflict mediation, it’s a one-stop resource for enhancing your teaching skills. We even piloted it in Palermo, Italy, to ensure its quality and effectiveness. Coming soon in multiple languages to our website – don’t miss out!

What’s on the horizon for YOULead?

An e-learning platform! Brace yourselves for an immersive online course featuring interactive activities. Dive deep into the Youlead Curriculum, complete the course, and emerge with a prestigious certificate.

👉Newsletter #3

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