Youth organizations

Youth organizations are playing an increasingly vital role in driving positive change and shaping the world’s future. These organizations empower young people to become active global citizens, fostering cooperation, cultural exchange, and addressing critical challenges.

  1. Global Citizen: Global Citizen is a renowned youth-led movement committed to eradicating extreme poverty and promoting sustainable development. Through advocacy, campaigns, and initiatives, Global Citizen mobilizes young people to take action on issues such as poverty, climate change, gender equality, education, and access to healthcare. The organization focuses on encouraging world leaders and policymakers to make commitments and take concrete actions to address these pressing global challenges.
  2. The Young European Ambassadors (VEAs): The Young European Ambassadors is an initiative launched by the European Union to create a network of young people who promote dialogue, cooperation, and mutual understanding between the EU and its neighbouring countries. VEAs engage in various activities, including cultural events, debates, and community projects, to foster connections and enhance cooperation in the region.
  3. EU-ASEAN Young Leaders Forum: The EU-ASEAN Young Leaders Forum brings together young leaders from the European Union and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries. This platform facilitates discussions on regional and global issues, promotes intercultural understanding, and encourages youth-led initiatives that contribute to sustainable development, peace, and prosperity in the EU and ASEAN regions.
  4. Erasmus Student Network (ESN): ESN is one of the largest student associations in Europe, dedicated to supporting international exchange and mobility among students. ESN provides assistance to incoming and outgoing students, organizes cultural events and social activities, and helps create a welcoming environment for international students in their host countries. By fostering cross-cultural interactions and exchange, ESN aims to promote tolerance, diversity, and intercultural understanding.

These youth organizations are making a profound impact on the world by empowering young people to be agents of positive change. Through their efforts, young individuals are given the opportunity to engage in global issues, voice their concerns, and actively contribute to building a more inclusive, sustainable, and interconnected world.